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Technical Services

So many Questions ....

There are many facts, myths and misconceptions in the marketplace. Maintaining your metalworking fluid to optimal conditions can make the difference between saving money and wasting money. Yes, there are many questions but the great news is we have the answers!

And even greater news: We will de-mystify metalworking fluids and instruct you in a way that you will understand what is important and the dos and don'ts.

Milacron Canada has a number of training options, one WILL be just RIGHT for YOU!

Your Training Options are listed below:

  • OPTION No. 1: CIMCOOL Academy
  • OPTION No. 2: Specific / Customized Training
  • OPTION No. 3: Factory / Laboratory Training

Contact your Milacron Application Specialist to learn more about what training will meet your needs ... We are only a Telephone Call or Click Away!